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Emergency Management
Mission Statement
Kenneth Teets
OEM Coordinator

Daniel Finkle
Deputy OEM Coordinator

Debbie Danielson
Deputy OEM Coordinator

39 Trinity St.
Newton, NJ  07860

Phone: (973) 383-2525
Fax: (973) 383-0090

24 Hours a day / 7 Days a week
The mission of the Town of Newton Office of Emergency Management is to provide the highest level of emergency preparedness to the citizens of Newton as they face new challenges in the twenty-first century. Working with local, County, State, and private entities, we seek to provide comprehensive emergency response, hazard planning, and disaster mitigation to the Town of Newton.

Emergency Management
Emergency Management is a vital function involving all departmental levels of local government. Each department takes part in efforts to prepare for, respond to, mitigate, and recover from all types of dangerous or hazardous situations. During times when no emergencies exist, some of the duties handled by the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) include the identification and analysis of the effects of hazards which might pose a threat to the Town of Newton and to attend training courses to keep skills and knowledge current.

Emergency Management works closely with the: