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Basic HTML for Modules
Bulleted Lists
If you want to do a bulleted list in any module follow the following steps:
Use this code around your list:
Text text text about whatever the module item is talking about
<ul> <-- this tag opens an unordered (bulleted) list.
<li>First list item</li> <-- These two tags identify an item that needs a bullet
<li>Second list item</li>
</ul> <-- This tag closes the bulleted list.

Staff Directory Biographies
When adding a photo AND a bio in the Staff Directory, use this procedure so the text will wrap around the picture.
  1. Copy and paste <img src="link" align="right" alt=" alt text"> in the bio box before any text.
  2. Place the name of the person (or what you want as the alt text) in replacement of alt text
  3. Put a picture in the normal way (insert image button, etc.), select the image and hit 'insert selected image'.
  4. Copy the '/image' (image path) from the box below the buttons 'Insert Image' and 'Remove Image'.
  5. Paste the image path as a replacement for the link.
  6. Remove the image from the box by hitting the 'Remove Image' button
  7. Add the biography after this skeleton code and the text will wrap around the image.