Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance Function

The Code Enforcement Department works in partnership with the community to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment within the Town of Newton. We strive to achieve our mission by applying and enforcing the provisions of the ”International Property Maintenance Code” and other applicable ”Ordinances adopted by the Town of Newton” concerning exterior property maintenance issues. These provisions include a variety of general requirements for exterior property areas which are designed to prevent a blighting issue and maintain a minimum level of compliance in building and property safety, sanitation and appearance.  

These requirements address general exterior home maintenance components such as roof coverings and drainage, flashing and gutters, siding condition and cleanliness, windows and doors, protective treatment, chimneys, porches, decks, balconies, and insect and rodent infestation.  These requirements also address general exterior property maintenance areas such as sanitation, debris, garbage, weeds, overgrown grass and vegetation, obnoxious growth, sidewalks and driveways, detached garages, fences, walls and unregistered and/or inoperable motor vehicle storage.  All property maintenance inspections are conducted from public property or the public right of way.         

The Code Enforcement Department processes citizens request for code enforcement information to fulfill the Town's legal obligations under New Jersey's Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A.47:1A-1 et seq.).  Non-property owners who request code enforcement information must begin the request process by filling out an Open Public Records (OPRA) request with the Town of Newton Municipal Clerk. 

​Property Maintenance Process

Code Enforcement will work with property owners in their effort to correct any violation(s).  Reasonable time periods are given to correct violation(s).  The comply by dates will vary based on the type of violation, extent of the repairs needed, compliance history, and stage of notification.  

Code Enforcement responds to citizen complaints received by email, letter, phone call, phone message, or in person walk-ins at the Code Enforcement Office at Town Hall.  Complainants can leave their name or choose to remain anonymous.  In addition to responding to citizen complaints, the Code Enforcement Department has embraced a proactive approach by addressing issues that may become property maintenance cases or complaints before they escalate to a point of mandated abatement or citation(s).

Property Maintenance Violation Appeals Process

​Certificate of Compliance