Hardyston Township Interlocal Shared Services

The Town of Newton has contracted with Hardyston Township for Construction Department services.

If you are looking to conduct construction-related business at the Newton Municipal Building, the office hours are:

Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30 am to Noon
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Closed

You may also conduct all Newton-related construction transactions at the Hardyston Construction Department located at:

Hardyston Township Municipal Building
149 Wheatsworth Road
Hardyston, NJ 07419


The Construction Department is responsible for issuing all permits required for:
  • Construction
  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Renovations
  • Demolition of residential and commercial buildings

Purpose of Permits

Permits allow the enforcement of the codes which have been adopted as law by the State of New Jersey and Town of Newton. No matter what the specific project may be, the enforcement of codes is carried out to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. The unit of government which enforces the code is acting to assure safe construction.

Use of Permits

Code officials and inspectors use construction permits as a vital step in their enforcement of codes. You have an investment in the home or business you are about to build or remodel. When that home or business building does not comply with the codes, your investment could be reduced. Applying for a construction permit notifies the Code Official that you are constructing or remodeling a building so they can ensure code compliance.

Why a Construction Permit?

Construction permits provide the means for code officials to protect us by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction and therefore ensuring the public health, safety, and welfare. The construction permit process helps us understand what our local laws and ordinances are. Before any construction or remodeling work begins, an application for a permit should be made. Construction permits provide the means for code officials to inspect construction to ensure the minimum standards are met and appropriate materials are used.