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Aug 20

August 21, 2015

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 6:14 PM by Thomas Russo, Jr.

Our next Town Council meeting will begin at 7:00pm on Monday night.

Lorraine's office has prepared the minutes from the July 20th Special, Regular and Executive meetings for consideration and approval.

This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan on staying for the whole meeting. There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 5 minutes. This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward. The public can speak on any matter.

1. The Mayor will present a proclamation to NORWESCAP, celebrating their 50th Anniversary.
2. I will update Council on the proposed Town Shuttle Bus.
3. I will update Council on the NFD Truck Committee activity.

There are five (5) ordinances for introduction:

Ordinance 2015-21 will amend the current sign ordinances for the Town, and consolidate the requirements into one chapter.

Ordinance 2015-22 will amend Chapter 144 to adopt the New Jersey State Housing Code.

Ordinance 2015-23 will amend Chapter 213 and Chapter 266 to require self-closing and self-securing doors with a door viewer in multi-unit dwellings. This ordinance will also prohibit the depositing of items from any building onto a public street or sidewalk below.

Ordinance 2015-24 will require fences to be constructed at least one (1) foot off the property line to limit conflicts between property owners.

Ordinance 2015-25 will establish parking spaces and amend parking regulations on Spring Street based on the one-way project.


Resolution #136-2015* will cancel capital appropriations in the General Capital Fund from the Fire Museum Improvements project.

Resolution #137-2015* will approve a voluntary code of conduct for the downtown area.

Resolution #138-2015* will approve the insertion of items of revenue into the 2015 budget for monies received for State of New Jersey Street Smart Pedestrian Safety Grant.

Resolution #139-2015* will appoint Deb Danielson as the Town’s Action Alliance Coordinator.

Resolution #140-2015* will appoint Jennifer A. Dodd as the alternate commissioner, NJMEBF.

Resolution #141-2015* will concur with the Town Manager’s appointment of crossing guards for the upcoming school year.

Resolution #142-2015* will authorize the Town to participate in the NJMEBF Wellness Program.

Resolution #143-2015* is an updated version of authorization for submission of a strategic plan for the Municipal Alliance for the 2016 fiscal year.

Resolution #144-2015* will approve the insertion of items of revenue into the 2015 budget for monies received for the 2013 Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant.

Resolution #145-2015* will authorize the disposal of tires no longer needed.

Resolution #146-2015* will authorize the participation in an online auction for natural gas supply services.

Resolution #147-2015* will award the contract for milling and paving Trinity Street through the Morris County Co-op.

Resolution #148-2015* will authorize the execution of a banking service agreement with Lakeland Bank.

Resolution #149-2015* will approve the insertion of items of revenue into the 2015 budget for monies received for the Action Alliance Grant.

Resolution #150-2015* will approve bills and vouchers for payment.

1. An application for an on-premise raffle (50-50) from the Sussex County Community College Foundation to be held on September 12, 2015.
2. An application for an off-premise raffle (50-50) from the Newton Medical Center Foundation to be held on November 14, 2015.
3. An application for an off-premise raffle (50-50) from the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council to be held on September 27, 2015.


1. Social Media – Xavier Izquierdo of AzulCore will give a brief presentation on the Town’s social technology and social media campaigns.
2. Universal Health Fair request.



Resolution #151-2015 will authorize discussions on tactics and techniques utilized in public safety.

All of the concrete work for Trinity Street is completed. The contractor will be on-site within the next 2 weeks to begin installation of the electric for the traffic lights. The lights will be delivered sometime during the week of September 14th. The lights should be fully operational by Oct. 1st.

Tony’s Concrete has completed half of the crosswalks by the Moran Street, Adams Street and Jefferson Street intersections. On Monday and Tuesday of next week, Spring Street will be closed for the two crosswalks to be completed by the Theatre and Route 206.

Have a great weekend!

Yours for a Better Newton,