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Nov 06

November 6, 2020

Posted on November 6, 2020 at 3:24 PM by Kat Walker

Our next Town Council meeting is Monday, November 9th at 7:00pm via ZOOM.  Login information has been posted on the Town website.


1.               October 26, 2020 – Regular Meeting

2.               November 4, 2020 – Executive Session


This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan on staying for the whole meeting.  There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 3 minutes and limited to one turn at the microphone.  This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward.  The public can speak on any matter. Council may choose to comment after the entire public portion has concluded.


Each Councilmember can give an update on various items or Board/Commission actions that have taken place recently.



There are three Ordinances for 2nd Reading and Public Hearing:

Ordinance 2020-22 is a bond ordinance which will provide for a refund of outstanding General Obligation Bonds, Series 2011 in relation to the Morris County Improvement Authority.

Ordinance 2020-23 will appropriate $30,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund for the Sussex Branch Trail Project, Phase III; $24,000 will be reimbursed the 2012 Trail Grant Project.

Ordinance 2020-24 will adopt a new section in the Town Code and approve a mid-block crosswalk on Trinity Street.  This is being done as part of the Sussex Branch Trail Project.

There is one Ordinance for Introduction:

Ordinance 2020-25 will establish minimum and maximum salary and wages for calendar year 2021.


Resolution #237-2020* will insert $3,446 into the 2020 budget for grant monies received from the Statewide Insurance Risk Control Grant for the rifle plates and pedestrian signs for the Police Department.

Resolution #238-2020* will credit 196 Spring Street for certain water and sewer charges. 

Resolution #239-2020* will approve the extension of the current Chemical Supply contract for Bid 16-2018 for an additional two years maintaining the current prices.

Resolution #240-2020* will authorize the refund of property taxes for the United Telephone property. This is required based on State Statute §54:4-1 and on the fact United Telephone no longer provides dial tone access to at least 51% of the local telephone exchanges in Town. 

Resolution #241-2020* will authorize the refund of duplicate tax payments made for 28 Hillside Terrace.

Resolution #242-2020* will accept the Halsted Street & Madison Street project as final and complete based on the recommendation of Harold Pellow.

Resolution #243-2020* will cancel appropriation balances in State of Emergency – Coronavirus for salary and wages which were unexpended.

Resolution #244-2020* will approve appropriation transfers.

Resolution #245-2020* will extend the contract for Bid 1-2019 for sludge hauling for an additional two years maintaining the current prices.

Resolution #246-2020* will increase the estimated annual cost for sludge hauling.

Resolution #247-2020* will increase the estimated annual cost for the disposal of sludge.

Resolution #248-2020* will cancel the unexpended balance of monies for the Church Street project.

Resolution #249-2020* will cancel the unexpended balance of monies for the Plainfield Avenue project.

Resolution #250-2020* will authorize the refund of an overpayment to an outside lienholder for 45 Mason Avenue.

Resolution #251-2020* authorize payment of bills and vouchers.

Best Practices/Parking Authority.  The CFO, Monica Miebach, will be reviewing this worksheet with you.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (3 mins each)



Resolution #252-2020 will authorize going into closed session for personnel matters with regards to the Town Manager’s annual review.


Morris Lake is 15 inches below the top of the spillway as of November 2, 2020.  

Modified building hours are still in operation without any significant delays or issues to report.

Election results are still being tabulated for the 2 Council seats.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with both the Halloween Parade and Flags of Honor events!  Special thanks to both Kimberly and Sherri.

Offices will be closed Wednesday, November 11th in honor of Veterans’ Day.  Thank you to all who served.

Governor Murphy has put forth EO 192 which governs all business in NJ and how they manage operations during COVID-19.  We have implemented protocols as related to the same.

Budget requests for 2021 have been submitted and are being reviewed.

Routine business discussed at the Parking Authority meeting.

Be safe and well.

Yours in Service,