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Dec 10

December 10, 2021

Posted on December 10, 2021 at 3:25 PM by Kat Walker

Our next regular Town Council meeting (in person and via Zoom – Hybrid Regular Meeting) is Monday, December 13, 2021, beginning at 7:00pm. There is a volunteer interview for the UAB in person at 6:45pm.


The Clerk’s office has prepared for your consideration and approval the minutes from November 22, 2021 – Regular Meeting, November 22, 2021 – Executive Session, and November 30, 2021 - Combined Board of Education/Town Council Meeting


This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan to stay for the whole meeting. There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 3 minutes and limited to one turn at the microphone. This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward. The public can speak on any matter. Council may choose to comment after the entire public portion has concluded. Comments from the public will be both in-person and via Zoom.


Each Councilmember can give an update on various items or Board/Commission actions that have taken place recently. 


There is one (1) ordinance for 2nd Reading and Public Hearing:

Ordinance 2021-22 will amend, revise, and supplement various fees in the Town Code of the Town of Newton.


If none of you have any items that you wish to pull from the Consent Agenda, the Mayor shall call for one roll call vote for all the Consent Agenda items. 

Resolution #238-2021* will transfer school monies for the period from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022.

Resolution #239-2021* will authorize the award of a required disclosure contract for Planet Networks, Inc.

Resolution #240-2021* will authorize the sale of brine solution to municipalities for calendar year 2022.

Resolution #241-2021* will cancel the current appropriation balance.

Resolution #242-2021* will authorize the release of executive session minutes to the public.

Resolution #243-2021* will reimburse Town employees for vehicle expenses for calendar year 2022.

Resolution #244-2021* will appoint Jonathan Kazer as Municipal Representative to the Sussex County Water Quality Policy Advisory Committee.

Resolution #245-2021* will designate the Town Manager as the National Organization on Disability Representative for calendar year 2022.

Resolution #246-2021* will appoint Adam Vough as Municipal Representative to the Sussex County Solid Waste Advisory Committee for calendar year 2022.

Resolution #247-2021* will designate the Public Agency Compliance Officer for calendar year 2022.

Resolution #248-2021* will authorize credits due for water and sewer utility accounts.

Resolution #249-2021* will authorize a change order for Resolution #185-2021 for the Elm Street, Hampton Street, and Upper Union Place Project.

Resolution #250-2021* will reappoint Nancy Craddock to the Advisory Shade Tree Commission.

Resolution #251-2021* will authorize a change order to the contract for construction of ADA ramps on Elm Street, Hampton Street, and Upper Union Place.

Resolution #252-2021* will cancel the appropriated reserve for the Municipal Alliance Grant 2019/2020.

Resolution #253-2021* will approve leave time payout for Steven Estler.

Resolution #254-2021* will cancel outstanding checks in the Municipal Court account.

Resolution #255-2021* will cancel $11,912.77 interfund balance between current fund and Federal State grant fund.

Resolution #256-2021* will approve bills and vouchers for payment.

Application(s)* there are three (3) applications:

A membership application for Joseph Semanchik, 469 U.S. Hwy 206, Newton, NJ into the Newton Fire Department.

A membership application for Connor Bogues, 50 Swartswood Rd., Apt. 1, Newton, NJ into the Newton Fire Department.

A membership application for Colton Lawrence, 115 Merriam Avenue, Newton, NJ into the Newton Fire Department.


Resolution #257-2021 will authorize a performance-based payment for the Town Manager.

Resolution #258-2021 will authorize waiving of water and sewer utility charges for the Newton Volunteer First Aid Squad for calendar year 2022. 


Water/Sewer Connection Fees – Tom Ferry, Auditor, CPA, RMA


Morris Lake is even with the top of the spillway as of December 10, 2021.

Interviews are still proceeding for the vacant SLEO position.

Modified building hours/restrictions are still in place. Customers are welcome to call or email for an appointment.

No TRC or Planning Board this week. 

We are up to 430 respondents so far for the NPP survey! Please take 5 minutes (even during work!) to take this important survey.

Yours in Service,