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Mar 11

March 11, 2022

Posted on March 11, 2022 at 3:03 PM by Kat Walker

Our next regular Town Council meeting (in person and via Zoom – Hybrid Regular Meeting) is Monday, March 14, 2022, beginning at 7:00pm. 


Police Officer Justin Bellis will be sworn in.


The Clerk’s office has prepared for your consideration and approval the minutes from February 12, 2022 – Budget Meeting and February 28, 2022 – Regular Meeting.


This is for those that wish to address the Town Council but do not plan to stay for the whole meeting. There is a note to the public on the agenda to please keep their comments to a maximum of 3 minutes and limited to one turn at the microphone. This allows ample time for all whom wish to speak and keeps the meeting moving forward. The public can speak on any matter. Council may choose to comment after the entire public portion has concluded. Comments from the public will be both in-person and via Zoom.


Each Councilmember can give an update on various items or Board/Commission actions that have taken place recently. 


Resolution #94-2022 will amend the temporary Water/Sewer capital budget.


There are two (2) ordinances for Second Reading:

Ordinance 2022-3 will authorize the conveyance of certain real property to Emerger Property Management, LLC.

Ordinance 2022-4 to exceed the municipal budget appropriation limits and establish a Cap Bank. This is done annually as part of the budget process.

There is one (1) ordinance for Introduction:

Ordinance 2022-5 will provide funding for major repairs and parts replacements for the clarifier at the second stage pump station for the Water/Sewer Utility for the Town of Newton and appropriating $23,765.53 for such purpose.


If none of you have any items that you wish to pull from the Consent Agenda, the Mayor shall call for one roll call vote for all the Consent Agenda items. 

Resolution #90-2022* will authorize trade-in of certain equipment to offset cost of new equipment.

Resolution #91-2022* will authorize credits due Water and Sewer Utility Accounts.

Resolution #92-2022* will refund redemption monies to outside lien holder for Block 7.08, Lot 5, also known as 18 Linwood Avenue.

Resolution #95-2022* will cancel capital appropriation balance in the General Capital Fund.

Resolution #96-2022* will accept as final and complete the Proposed Improvements and ADA Ramps on Elm Street, Hampton Street, and Upper Union Place Project and authorize final paperwork be prepared.

Resolution #97-2022* will authorize redemption of a Town held lien for Block 2.02, Lot 17, also known as 70-72 Mill Street.

Resolution #98-2022* will refund redemption monies to outside lien holder for Block 22.05, Lot 13.02, qualifier C0106, also known as 11 Giancarlo Lane.

Resolution #99-2022* will authorize compensation adjustments for 2022 calendar year for certain Town of Newton employees not covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Resolution #101-2022* will establish a maximum Chapter 78 health insurance contribution rate for non-union employees and retirees from a non-union position effective April 1, 2022.

Resolution #102-2022* will approve bills and vouchers for payment.


Resolution #100-2022 will accept the certified list of qualifying 2021 Newton First Aid Squad LOSAP participants.

Resolution #93-2022 will accept the certified list of qualifying 2021 Newton Fire Department LOSAP participants.


As of March 11, 2022, Morris Lake is 1” above the spillway.

Staff has reviewed the current parking fee structure for the Town and will make recommendations to the Parking Authority at the next meeting.

No one from the public came out to the Mill Street project hearing on Wednesday.

The NPP has begun! We had our first implementation meeting with Jessica and will be moving the project along. This presents a great opportunity for grant funding for windows, awnings, signs, and façade improvements in the NPP district as well as for plantings that will beautify the entire Downtown area. Stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend and be safe and well.

Yours for a Better Newton,