Landlord Registration

The Town of Newton has enacted two new requirements, for registration and insuring of businesses and rental units, and for lead-based paint testing in residential units in the Town of Newton. These new requirements have been mandated by State laws passed by the New Jersey Legislature, and are mandatory for all municipalities in the State of New Jersey. The Town of Newton is therefore sending this letter to you to advise you in advance of the new requirements which will be effective in the next few months.

The first new ordinance required by the State is for lead-based paint testing in all rental units, whether single family residence or multifamily housing, built before 1978. The testing required is a “swipe” test, where an inspector will wipe a sample cloth on various surfaces. That sample will be tested to determine if dust indicating the presence of lead-based paint is present. Further testing or remediation might then be required. The fee for this testing is $750.00, and the first test has to be done within two years or when the unit is re-rented to another lessee. After that first test, each unit must be tested every three years or when the unit is re-rented. The property owner does have the option to contract a certified lead inspector on his own.

The second new ordinance mandated by the State requires all businesses and residential rental unit owners to register the business and/or each residential unit, to maintain liability insurance on that business or unit, and to submit proof to the Town of the required insurance every year. The State now requires the Town to maintain a list of all liability insurance on businesses and residential rental units, provide a proof of registration and maintain a list of all registered insured properties. The insurance required is $500,000 for combined property damage and bodily injury to or death of one or more persons in any one accident or occurrence. However, the insurance required for a multifamily home which is four (4) or fewer units, one (1) of which must be owner-occupied, is no less than $300,000 for negligent acts and omissions.

The Town adopted Ordinance 2022-30 on December 12, 2022, which establishes a landlord registration fee of $200 per rental unit per year. This fee applies to all residential rental units located in any residential setting which are not regulated, registered, or otherwise subject to the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Bureau of Housing Inspections 

Landlord Registration Form

Ordinance 2022-24 Lead Paint Regulations

Landlord Insurance Requirements and Fee